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    (diary-attrtype-convert): Convert an attribute value string to the desired type. · c47a201a
    Juanma Barranquero authored
    (diary-pull-attrs): New function that pulls the attributes off a diary entry,
    merges with file-global attributes, and returns the (possibly modified) entry
    and a list of attribute/values using diary-attrtype-convert above.
    (list-diary-entries, fancy-diary-display, show-all-diary-entries)
    (mark-diary-entries, mark-sexp-diary-entries, list-sexp-diary-entries): Add
    handling of file-global attributes, add handling of entry attributes using
    diary-pull-attrs above.
    (mark-calendar-days-named, mark-calendar-days-named, mark-calendar-date-pattern)
    (mark-calendar-month, add-to-diary-list): Add optional paramater `color' for
    passing face attribute info through the callchain.  Pass this parameter around.
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