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    (vc-client-object): Remove. · c4c0a44b
    Dan Nicolaescu authored
    (vc-dir-prepare-status-buffer): Take a backend as an argument and
    use it when looking for a buffer.
    (vc-dir): Add a backend argument.  Set revert-buffer-function.
    Don't create a client object.  Move bindings ...
    (vc-dir-menu-map, vc-dir-mode-map): ... here.
    (vc-dir-revert-buffer-function): New function.
    (vc-generic-status-printer): Rename to ...
    (vc-dir-status-printer): ... this.
    (vc-generic-state, vc-generic-status-fileinfo-extra)
    (vc-dir-extra-menu, vc-make-backend-object): Remove.
    (vc-default-status-printer): Use a different face for
    directories.  Don't display any text for directories in the state
    column.  Add tooltips.
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