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    SMIE: change indent rules format, improve smie-setup. · c4d17d50
    Stefan Monnier authored
    * lisp/emacs-lisp/smie.el (smie-precs-precedence-table)
    (smie-merge-prec2s, smie-bnf-precedence-table, smie-prec2-levels):
    Mark them pure so the tables gets built at compile time.
    (smie-bnf-precedence-table): Store the closer-alist in the table.
    (smie-prec2-levels): Preserve the closer-alist.
    (smie-blink-matching-open): Be more forgiving in case of indentation.
    (smie-hanging-p): Rename from smie-indent--hanging-p.
    (smie-bolp): Rename from smie-indent--bolp.
    (smie--parent, smie--after): New dynamic vars.
    (smie-parent-p, smie-next-p, smie-prev-p): New funs.
    (smie-indent-rules): Remove.
    (smie-indent--offset-rule): Remove fun.
    (smie-rules-function): New var.
    (smie-indent--rule): New fun.
    (smie-indent--offset, smie-indent-keyword, smie-indent-after-keyword)
    (smie-indent-exps): Use it.
    (smie-setup): Setup paren blinking; add keyword args for token
    functions; extract closer-alist from op-levels.
    (smie-indent-debug-log): Remove var.
    (smie-indent-debug): Remove fun.
    * lisp/progmodes/prolog.el (prolog-smie-indent-rules): Remove.
    (prolog-smie-rules): New fun to replace it.
    (prolog-mode-variables): Simplify.
    * lisp/progmodes/octave-mod.el (octave-smie-closer-alist): Remove, now that
    it's setup automatically.
    (octave-smie-indent-rules): Remove.
    (octave-smie-rules): New fun to replace it.
    (octave-mode): Simplify.
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