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    (smtpmail-via-smtp): Recognize XVRB as a synonym for · c50d5ce0
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    VERB and XONE as a synonym for ONEX.
    (smtpmail-read-response): Add "%s" to `message' calls to avoid
    problems with percent signs in strings.
    (smtpmail-read-response): Return all lines of the
    response text as a list of strings.  Formerly only the first line
    was returned.  This is insufficient when one wants to parse
    e.g. an EHLO response.
    Ignore responses starting with "0".  This is necessary to support
    the VERB SMTP extension.
    (smtpmail-via-smtp): Try EHLO and find out which SMTP service
    extensions the receiving mailer supports.
    Issue the ONEX and XUSR commands if the corresponding extensions
    are supported.
    Issue VERB if supported and `smtpmail-debug-info' is non-nil.
    Add SIZE attribute to MAIL FROM: command if SIZE extension is
    Add code that could set the BODY= attribute to MAIL FROM: if the
    receiving mailer supports 8BITMIME.  This is currently disabled,
    since doing it right might involve adding MIME headers to, and in
    some cases reencoding, the message.
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