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    (Info-following-node-name-re): New fun. · c60c12be
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (Info-following-node-name): Remove.
    (Info-insert-dir): Use the new fun.
    (Info-extract-pointer): Don't save restriction; use new fun.
    (Info-menu-entry-name-re): New const.
    (Info-menu-entry-name-re): Use it along with new fun.
    (Info-node-spec-re): Use new fun.
    (Info-complete-menu-item, Info-fontify-node): Use new const.
    (Info-goto-node, Info-follow-reference, Info-menu-update):
    Use match-string.
    (Info-follow-reference): Use assoc-string.
    Use a list of strings for the completion table.
    (Info-fontify-node): Use match-string, line-end-position.
    Limit the search for `node:' to the first line.
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