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    * mh-acros.el (mh-defun-compat): Rename to defun-mh in order that · c90c4cf1
    Bill Wohler authored
    variables and functions with the same name are found correctly by
    find-func (invoked by clicking on the filename link in the *Help*
    (mh-defmacro-compat): Rename to defmacro-mh. Ditto. *
    mh-e.el: (mh-defgroup): Rename to defgroup-mh. Ditto.
    (mh-defcustom): Rename to defcustom-mh. Ditto.
    (mh-defface): Rename to defface-mh. Ditto.
    (mh-font-lock-add-keywords): Make changes according to these
    * mh-e.el, mh-compat.el, mh-gnus.el: Use the new names (closes SF
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