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    * lisp/mail/footnote.el: Minor simplifications · c9b820dd
    Stefan Monnier authored
    Remove redundant :group args.
    (footnote-mode-hook): Let define-minor-mode define it.
    (footnote--style-p): Delete function.
    (footnote--index-to-string): Inline it instead, and simplify.
    (footnote-cycle-style): Use a pointer into the alist as the "index"
    instead of a number.
    (footnote-set-style): Use footnote-style-alist as the completion table.
    Prefer `assq` over `footnote--assoc-index`.
    (footnote--assoc-index): Delete function.
    (footnote--renumber): Remove first (unused) argument; Adjust all callers.
    (footnote--sort): Use car-less-than-car.
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