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    Delete window-combination-p; tweaks to window-top-child and window-left-child. · 49745b39
    Chong Yidong authored
    * lisp/window.el (window-combination-p): Function deleted; its
    side-effect is not used in any existing code.
    (window-combinations, window-combined-p): Call window-*-child
    * window.c (Fwindow_live_p, Fwindow_frame, Fframe_root_window)
    (Fminibuffer_window, Fwindow_buffer, Fwindow_splits)
    (Fset_window_splits, Fwindow_nest, Fset_window_nest)
    (Fwindow_use_time, Fwindow_total_size, Fwindow_normal_size)
    (Fwindow_new_normal, Fwindow_left_column, Fwindow_top_line)
    (Fwindow_margins, Fwindow_fringes, Fwindow_scroll_bars)
    (Fwindow_vscroll): Doc fix.
    (Fwindow_top_child, Fwindow_left_child): Eliminate a nil default
    argument, since it makes no sense to pass a live window and for
    consistency with window-child.
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