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    * pcvs.el: Add a minimal leading commentary. · cb3430a1
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (cvs-make-cvs-buffer): Change the header part by removing the startup
    message and adding a `Module' entry.  Also replace the FOOTER and
    HEADER special fileinfos with the new support in ewoc for updating
    its own footer and header.
    (cvs-update-header): Update to use the header/footer of the ewoc.
    (cvs-mode): Use define-derived-mode and set truncate-lines to t.
    (cvs-is-within-p): New function.
    (cvs-mode-run): Take advantage of `save-some-buffers's new ability
    to only examine some subset of the buffers.
    * pcvs-info.el (cvs-fileinfo-pp): Use the new property-preserving
    `format' instead of our own ad-hoc functions.
    Remove HEADER and FOOTER cases, now handled in the EWOC.
    (cvs-fileinfo<): Remove HEADER and FOOTER cases.
    * pcvs-parse.el (cvs-parse-run-table): Change message for unknown
    output to avoid scaring the user.
    (cvs-parse-table): Catch message for non-up-to-date commits.
    * pcvs-defs.el (cvs-startup-message): Remove.
    (cvs-global-menu): New autoloaded menu.
    * pcvs-util.el (cvs-string-fill): Remove.
    * emacs-lisp/ewoc.el (ewoc--create-special-node): Remove.
    (ewoc--refresh-node): Don't take the whole EWOC but only the relevant
    PP part of it and also make it work for footers and headers.
    (ewoc-create): Drop POS and BUFFER arguments.
    Use the DLL's dummy node to store the end-of-footer position.
    (ewoc-map, ewoc-invalidate): Update call to ewoc--refresh-node.
    (ewoc-refresh): Remove unused `header' variable.
    (ewoc-(get|set)-hf): New functions.
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