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    * lisp/progmodes/modula2.el: Use SMIE and skeleton. · cbf83ce9
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (m2-mode-syntax-table): (*..*) can be nested.
    Add //...\n.  Fix paren syntax.
    (m2-mode-map): Remove LF and TAB bindings.
    (m2-indent): Add safety property.
    (m2-smie-grammar): New var.
    (m2-smie-refine-colon, m2-smie-refine-of, m2-smie-backward-token)
    (m2-smie-forward-token, m2-smie-refine-semi, m2-smie-rules): New funs.
    (m2-mode): Use define-derived-mode.
    (m2-newline, m2-tab): Remove.
    (m2-begin, m2-case, m2-definition, m2-else, m2-for, m2-header)
    (m2-if, m2-loop, m2-module, m2-or, m2-procedure, m2-with, m2-record)
    (m2-stdio, m2-type, m2-until, m2-var, m2-while, m2-export)
    (m2-import): Use define-skeleton.
    * test/indent/modula2.mod: New file.
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