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    Less 'make' chatter for lisp dir · ccb2d938
    Paul Eggert authored
    * lisp/Makefile.in (THEFILE): Define to be 'no-such-file' by default,
    to make it clearer that the caller must specify it.
    (compile-onefile): Remove, replacing by ...
    ($(THEFILE)c): ... new rule.  This lets us use AM_V_GEN here.
    ($(THEFILE)c, .el.elc, $(MH_E_DIR)/mh-loaddefs.el)
    ($(TRAMP_DIR)/tramp-loaddefs.el, $(CAL_DIR)/cal-loaddefs.el)
    ($(CAL_DIR)/diary-loaddefs.el, $(CAL_DIR)/hol-loaddefs.el):
    Use AM_V_GEN to lessen 'make' chatter.
    (.el.elc): Omit duplicate comment.
    * src/Makefile.in (%.elc): Adjust to compile-onefile change in
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