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    Merge from origin/emacs-26 · cda7e185
    Glenn Morris authored
    17ebb6e5 (origin/emacs-26) Use consistent function names in thread-tes...
    1c862297 Fix format error in Faccept_process_output
    b38b91a8 Lessen stack consumption in recursive read1
    3eb4603b Match w32 paths in grep sans --null hits (Bug#32051)
    5cc7c4b4 Fix previous make-network-process change
    d6a1b69c Another documentation improvement in flyspell.el
    9b49a8ed Improve documentation of Flyspell
    3744fda5 Provide feature 'threads
    ef9025f5 Save the server alias on reconnect (Bug#29657)
    db3874b1 Refer to "proper lists" instead of "true lists"
    35e0305d Avoid turning on the global-minor-mode recursively
    51bf4e46 Fix Bug#32085
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