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    Fix fullscreen resizing of multiple frames on MS-Windows. · cdc0d0bd
    Eli Zaretskii authored
     src/w32term.h (struct w32_output): New members normal_width,
     normal_height, normal_top, normal_left, and prev_fsmode.
     (FRAME_NORMAL_LEFT, FRAME_PREV_FSMODE): New macros to access these
     members of a frame.
     src/w32term.c (w32fullscreen_hook): Use FRAME_NORMAL_WIDTH,
     FRAME_NORMAL_HEIGHT, and FRAME_PREV_FSMODE, instead of static
     variables, to save and restore frame dimensions.  Use
     FRAME_NORMAL_LEFT and FRAME_NORMAL_TOP to restore frame position
     after returning from a 'fullscreen' configuration.  use
     SendMessage instead of PostMessage to send the SC_RESTORE message,
     to avoid races between the main thread and the input thread.
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