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    Improve RFC 3986 conformance of url package. · ce7b18ec
    Chong Yidong authored
    Fix 2012-04-10 change to url.el.
    * url-http.el (url-http-create-request): Ignore obsolete
    attributes slot of url-object.
    * url-parse.el: Improve RFC 3986 conformance.
    (url-generic-parse-url): Do not populate the ATTRIBUTES slot,
    since this is not reliable for general RFC 3986 URIs.  Keep the
    whole path and query inside the FILENAME slot.  Improve docstring.
    (url-recreate-url-attributes): Mark as obsolete.
    (url-recreate-url): Handle missing scheme and userinfo.
    * url-util.el (url-encode-url): New function for URL quoting.
    (url-encoding-table, url-host-allowed-chars)
    (url-path-allowed-chars): New constants.
    (url--allowed-chars): New helper function.
    (url-hexify-string): Use them.
    * url-vars.el (url-nonrelative-link): Make the regexp stricter.
    * url.el (url-retrieve-internal): Use url-encode-url.
    Fixes: debbugs:7017
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