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    Support rendering of HTML parts in Rmail (bug #4258). · cea1424e
    Ken Olum authored
     lisp/mail/rmailmm.el (rmail-mime-process): Handle text/html
     separately from other text/ types.  Suppress tagline for
     multipart body.
     (rmail-mime-parse): Don't change visibility of tagline here.
     (rmail-mime-set-bulk-data, rmail-mime-insert-bulk):
     Handle text/html specially.
     (rmail-mime-render-html-function,rmail-mime-prefer-html): New variables.
     (rmail-mime-insert-html, rmail-mime-render-html-shr)
     (rmail-mime-render-html-lynx): New functions.
     (rmail-mime-fix-inserted-faces): New function.
     (rmail-mime-process-multipart): Find the best part to show
     following rmail-mime-prefer-html if set.
     (rmail-mime-searching): New variable.
     (rmail-search-mime-message): Bind rmail-mime-searching to
     suppress rendering while searching.
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