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    * image.c: Fix animation cache signature memory leak. · d0139df5
    Paul Eggert authored
    Fix some other minor performance problems while we're at it.
    (imagemagick_create_cache): Clear just the members that
    need clearing.  Don't set update_time, as caller does that now.
    (imagemagick_prune_animation_cache, imagemagick_get_animation_cache):
    Simplify by using pointer-to-pointer instead of a prev pointer.
    (imagemagick_prune_animation_cache): Use make_emacs_time rather
    than EMACS_TIME_FROM_DOUBLE, and DestroyString rather than free.
    (imagemagick_get_animation_cache): Don't xstrdup the image signature;
    it's already a copy.  Free the signature probe unless it's cached.
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