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    Stop ns builds polluting the environment with EMACSDATA, EMACSDOC · d01ba2f1
    Glenn Morris authored
    It's bad form for one part of a program to communicate with another
    part by making persistent changes to the environment of all subsequent
    child processes.  For example, it can cause odd bugs when building
    Emacs from within Emacs (eg bug#6401, maybe).
    * nsterm.m (ns_etc_directory): New function, split from ns_init_paths.
    (ns_init_paths): Do not set EMACSDATA, EMACSDOC.
    * nsterm.h (ns_etc_directory): Add it.
    * callproc.c [HAVE_NS]: Include nsterm.h.
    (init_callproc_1, init_callproc) [HAVE_NS]: Use ns_etc_directory.
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