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    Modernize and clean up gmalloc.c to assume C89 (Bug#9119). · d0baac98
    Paul Eggert authored
    * gmalloc.c: (_MALLOC_INTERNAL, _MALLOC_H, _PP, __ptr_t)
    (__malloc_size_t, __malloc_ptrdiff_t):
    Remove.  All uses removed, replaced by the definiens if needed,
    since we can assume C89 or better now.
    Include <stdint.h>, for PTRDIFF_MAX, uintptr_t.
    (protect_malloc_state, align, get_contiguous_space)
    (malloc_atfork_handler_prepare, malloc_atfork_handler_parent)
    (malloc_atfork_handler_child, malloc_enable_thread)
    (malloc_initialize_1, __malloc_initialize, morecore_nolock)
    (_malloc_internal_nolock, _malloc_internal, malloc, _malloc)
    (_free, _realloc, _free_internal_nolock, _free_internal, free, cfree)
    (special_realloc, _realloc_internal_nolock, _realloc_internal)
    (realloc, calloc, __default_morecore, memalign, valloc, checkhdr)
    (freehook, mallochook, reallochook, mabort, mcheck, mprobe):
    Define using prototypes, not old style.
    (align, _malloc_internal_nolock, _free_internal_nolock, memalign):
    Don't assume ptrdiff_t and uintptr_t are no wider than unsigned long.
    (align): Don't assume that signed integer overflow wraps around.
    Omit unused local var.
    (malloc_initialize_1, morecore_nolock, _malloc_internal_nolock)
    (_free_internal_nolock, memalign, mallochook, reallochook):
    Omit no-longer-needed casts.
    (valloc): Use getpagesize, not __getpagesize.
    (MAGICWORD, MAGICFREE): Now randomish size_t values, not 32-bit.
    (struct hdr): The 'magic' member is now size_t, not unsigned long.
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