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    Attempt to solve bug #17497 by minimizing cursor motion during TTY menu updates. · d13adf6d
    Eli Zaretskii authored
     src/term.c (tty_menu_display): Don't position cursor here.  Instead,
     pass the cursor coordinates to update_frame_with_menu.
     (tty_menu_activate): Send the hide cursor command only once in an
     iteration through the outer 'while' loop.
     src/dispnew.c (update_frame_1): Accept an additional argument
     SET_CURSOR_P, and position the cursor at the end of the frame
     update only if that argument is non-zero.  All callers changed to
     provide the additional argument as non-zero, except for
     (update_frame_with_menu): Accept 2 additional arguments ROW and
     COL; if they are non-negative, instruct update_frame_1 not to
     position the cursor, and instead position it according to ROW and
     src/dispextern.h (update_frame_with_menu): Update prototype.
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