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    (rmail-view-buffer, rmail-enable-mime, rmail-show-mime-function, · d1e69dec
    Kenichi Handa authored
    rmail-mime-feature): New variables to control MIME feature.
    (rmail-file-coding-system): Initial value is nil.
    (rmail, rmail-convert-file, rmail-insert-inbox-text): Check
    rmail-enable-mime.  Read a file without any code conversion.
    (rmail-variables): Setup local variables rmail-buffer and rmail-view-buffer.
    (rmail-decode-babyl-format, rmail-convert-babyl-format): Perform code
    conversion of RMAIL file if rmail-enable-mime is nil.
    (rmail-show-message): Make sure to be in rmail-buffer.  If
    rmail-enable-mime is t, call appropriate function to decode MIME
    (rmail-mail, rmail-reply): Call rmail-start-mail with argument
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