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    (bookmark-write): Add numbered backups for bookmark file. · d22d6453
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (bookmark-version-control): New variable.
    (bookmark-jump): bookmark-jump now gives a
    default value if no bookmark is entered manually.
    (bookmark-set): Default to bookmark-current-bookmark or
    buffer-name the way bookmark-jump does.
    (ctl-x-map): Check if C-x r is a prefix before using it as one.
    Include string "Bookmarks" in defining
    [menu-bar bookmark] in global-map in the menu-bar code.
    (menu-bar-bookmark-map): Supply t as 4th arg of autoload.
    (bookmark-jump-noselect): New subroutine taken from
    bookmark-jump.  Support compressed files.
    (bookmark-jump): Call bookmark-jump-noselect.
    Offer to relocate if necessary, but change default dir to that of
    the old bookmark in read-file-name.
    (bookmark-set, bookmark-rename, bookmark-delete,
    bookmark-write-file, bookmark-load, Bookmark-menu-show-filenames,
    Bookmark-menu-hide-filenames, Bookmark-menu-bookmark,
    Bookmark-menu-save, Bookmark-menu-load): Fixed the save-excursion
    bugs by wrapping things in save-window-excursion as well.
    (bookmark-make-menu-bar-alist): Added sorting.
    (bookmark-map): Added new keybindings.
    (bookmark-try-default-file): Set bookmarks-already-loaded to t after the load.
    (list-bookmarks): Added bookmark menu stuff.
    (Bookmark-menu-*): New functions.
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