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    (Fadd_text_properties, Fremove_text_properties): · d4b530ad
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    Add len>0 as condition for main loop.
    Abort if reach a null interval.
    (Fset_text_properties): Abort if reach a null interval.
    (Ftext_properties_at, Fget_text_property):
    Return nil if POS is end of OBJECT.
    (add_properties): Use NILP to test result of Fequal.
    No longer inline.
    (remove_properties): No longer inline.
    (set_properties): Total rewrite as function.
    (validate_interval_range): Don't alter *begin at end of buffer.
    But do search for a position just before the end.
    Return null for an empty string.
    (validate_interval_range): Allow 0 as position in string.
    Add 1 to specified string positions.
    (Fprevious_single_property_change): Subtract 1 if object is string.
    (Fnext_single_property_change): Likewise.
    (Fprevious_property_change, Fnext_property_change): Likewise.
    (remove_properties): Call modify_buffer.
    (add_properties): Likewise.
    (Fadd_text_properties): Pass new arg to add_properties.
    (Fremove_text_properties): Likewise.
    (add_properties, remove_properties): New arg OBJECT.  Record undo info.
    (Fput_text_property): New function.
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