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    * calendar/todo-mode.el: Add handling of file deletion, both by · d610f6dd
    Stephen Berman authored
    mode command and externally.  Fix various related bugs.  Clarify
    Commentary and improve some documentation strings and code.
    (todo-delete-file): New command.
    (todo-check-file): New function.
    (todo-show): Handle external deletion of the file we're trying to
    show.  Replace called-interactively-p by an optional
    prefix argument to avoid problematic interaction with catch form
    when byte compiled (bug#14702).
    (todo-quit): Handle external deletion of the archive's todo file.
    Make sure the buffer that was visiting the archive file is still
    live before trying to bury it.
    (todo-category-completions): Handle external deletion of any
    category completion files.
    (todo-jump-to-category, todo-basic-insert-item): Recalculate list
    of todo files, in case of external deletion.
    (todo-add-file): Replace unnecessary setq by let-binding.
    (todo-find-archive): Check whether there are any archives.
    Replace unnecessary setq by let-binding.
    (todo-archive-done-item): Use find-file-noselect to get the
    archive buffer whether or not the archive already exists.  Remove
    superfluous code.  Use file size instead of buffer-file-name to
    check if the archive is new; if it is, update list of archives.
    (todo-default-todo-file): Allow nil to be a valid value for when
    there are no todo files.
    (todo-reevaluate-default-file-defcustom): Use corrected definition
    of todo-default-todo-file.
    (todo-key-bindings-t+a+f): Add key binding for todo-delete-file.
    (todo-delete-category, todo-show-categories-table)
    (todo-category-number): Clarify comment.
    (todo-filter-items): Clarify documentation string.
    (todo-show-current-file, todo-display-as-todo-file)
    (todo-reset-and-enable-done-separator): Tweak documentation string.
    (todo-done-separator): Make separator length window-width, since
    bug#2749 is now fixed.
    Fixes: debbugs:14688
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