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    * lib-src/b2m.c (main): Don't include <limits.h>. · d65b4235
    Paul Eggert authored
    (TM_YEAR_BASE): New macro.
    (TM_YEAR_IN_ASCTIME_RANGE): Don't define if already defined, so
    that s/ files can override this.  Use the more-conservative range
    (main): Check for asctime returning NULL.
    * lib-src/fakemail.c: Likewise.
    * src/editfns.c (TM_YEAR_IN_ASCTIME_RANGE): New macro, identical to
    ../lib-src/b2m.c and ../lib-src/editfns.c.
    (Fcurrent_time_string): Use it.
    Document that the year might not consume 4 columns if it's outside
    the range 1000-9999.
    Check for asctime failure.
    Don't assume that the output string length is always exactly 24.
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