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    Use union for the payload of struct Lisp_Vector. · d6d9cbc1
    Dmitry Antipov authored
    This helps to avoid a few glitches dictated by C's aliasing rules.
    * lisp.h (struct Lisp_Vector): Use union for next and
    contents member.  Adjust comment.  Change related users.
    * alloc.c (next_in_free_list, set_next_in_free_list): Remove.
    Related users changed.
    * buffer.c, bytecode.c, ccl.c, character.h, chartab.c, composite.c:
    * composite.h, disptab.h, fns.c, fontset.c, indent.c, keyboard.c:
    * lread.c, msdos.c, process.c, w32menu.c, window.c, xdisp.c:
    * xfaces.c, xfont.c, xmenu.c: Related users changed.
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