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    Make sure exiting todo-mode buffer buries it (bug#27121) · d76c0078
    Stephen Berman authored
    This failed due to commit ea3ae33b from 2013-05-16, which prevented
    quitting todo-mode buffer after visiting todo-archive buffer from
    making the archive buffer current again.  Avoid this now by simply
    killing the archive buffer, since there's no need to keep it a live
    buffer.  Consequently, quitting a todo-mode buffer can now use
    bury-buffer without an argument, which ensures that is will not
    becomes current on quitting the buffer that replaced it in the window.
    * lisp/calendar/todo-mode.el (todo-quit): Kill todo-archive-mode
    buffer instead of burying it.  This now allows exiting the
    todo-mode buffer by bury-buffer without an argument, so do that.
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