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    * xterm.c (x_convert_modifiers): Declare this to return an · 7c5283e4
    Jim Blandy authored
    	unsigned int, not a Lisp_Object.  Remember that the quiescent
    	value for part is Qnil, not zero, that x_mouse_x and x_mouse_y
    	are ints, not Lisp_Objects, and that RESULT->x and RESULT->y are
    	Lisp_Objects, not ints.
    	(XTread_socket): Declare this to return int, not Lisp_Object.
    	When calling construct_mouse_click on a non-scrollbar click, pass
    	PART as Qnil, not zero.
    	(x_calc_absolute_position): Remember that x_screen_width and
    	x_screen_height are ints, not Lisp_Objects.
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