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    (octave-auto-indent): New variable. · d83ee578
    Karl Heuer authored
    (octave-electric-semi, octave-electric-space): Use it.
    (octave-before-magic-comment-p): New func.
    (calculate-octave-indent, octave-comment-indent): Use it.
    (octave-auto-indent): New variable.
    (octave-electric-semi, octave-electric-space): Use it.
    New function.
    (octave-auto-fill): No longer calls do-auto-fill.  Should now
    avoid breaking lines after comment starts or before code line
    continuation expressions.
    (octave-fill-paragraph): Move forward a line if octave-auto-fill
    gave up.
    (octave-before-magic-comment-p): New func.
    (octave-comment-indent): Handle magic comments correctly.
    (calculate-octave-indent): Handle magic comments correctly.
    (octave-abbrev-table): Added abbrevs for
    switch, case, otherwise, and endswitch.
    (octave-begin-keywords): Added switch.
    (octave-else-keywords): Added case and otherwise.
    (octave-end-keywords): Added endswitch.
    (octave-block-match-alist): Added an entry for switch syntax.
    (calculate-octave-indent): Added support for switch syntax.
    (octave-block-end-offset): New function.
    (octave-comment-indent): Fix a typo.
    (octave-block-match-alist): Move
    `otherwise' to right after `case' to have octave-close-block()
    correctly close a `switch' block by `endswitch'.
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