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    (w32_load_system_font, w32_to_x_charset): Use strnicmp · d84b082d
    Jason Rumney authored
    in place of stricmp.
    (w32_list_synthesized_fonts): Removed.
    (w32_to_all_x_charsets, enum_font_maybe_add_to_list): New functions.
    (struct enumfont_t): New element; list.
    (enum_font_cb2): List all style and charset variations of a font.
    (Fw32_select_font): New optional argument; include_proportional.
    Exclude vertical fonts.  Exclude proportional fonts unless
    include_proportional is non-nil.
    (w32_enable_synthesized_fonts): Change to a boolean.
    (Fw32_send_sys_command): Doc fix.
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