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    Profiler improvements: more-accurate timers, overflow checks. · d89460ed
    Paul Eggert authored
    * profiler.c: Don't include stdio.h, limits.h, sys/time.h,
    signal.h, setjmp.h.  Include systime.h instead.
    (saturated_add): New function.
    (record_backtrace, current_sample_interval): Use EMACS_INT, not size_t.
    (record_backtrace, handle_profiler_signal): Saturate on fixnum overflow.
    (profiler_timer, profiler_timer_ok) [HAVE_TIMER_SETTIME]:
    New static vars.
    (enum profiler_cpu_running): New enumn.
    (profiler_cpu_running): Now of that enum type, not bool.
    All uses changed to store the new value.
    (handle_profiler_signal): Rename from sigprof_handler_1,
    for consistency with other handlers.  Do not check whether
    cpu_log is a hash-table if garbage collecting, since it
    doesn't matter in that case.
    (deliver_profiler_signal): Rename from sigprof_handler,
    for consistency with other handlers.
    (setup_cpu_timer): New function, with much of what used to be in
    Fprofiler_cpu_start.  Check for out-of-range argument.
    Prefer timer_settime if available, and prefer
    thread cputime clocks, then process cputime clocks, then
    monotonic clocks, to the old realtime clock.  Use make_timeval
    to round more-correctly when falling back to setitimer.
    (Fprofiler_cpu_start): Use it.
    (Fprofiler_cpu_stop): Prefer timer_settime if available.
    Don't assume that passing NULL as the 2nd argument of setitimer
    is the same as passing a pointer to all-zero storage.
    Ignore SIGPROF afterwards.
    (malloc_probe): Saturate at MOST_POSITIVE_FIXNUM.
    * sysdep.c (emacs_sigaction_init): Also mask out SIGPROF in
    non-fatal signal handlers.  Ignore SIGPROF on startup.
    * syssignal.h (PROFILER_CPU_SUPPORT): Define this macro here, not
    in profiler.c, since sysdep.c now uses it.
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