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    (mouse-delete-max-match): New function. · d89a4a47
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (mouse-choose-completion): Use that.  Now supports buffers
    other than minibuffer.
    (mouse-drag-region): Put the text on the kill ring.
    Don't set mark if region is empty.
    (mouse-yank-at-click): Set this-command.
    (mouse-start-end): Fix double-click-on-closeparen case.
    (mouse-save-then-kill): When used repeatedly at different places,
    alter the nearer end of the region.  This applies regardless of how
    the previous selection was made.
    (mouse-drag-secondary, mouse-secondary-save-then-kill):
    Rewrite for xterm-style dragging and extending.
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