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    Omit ‘const’ on locals · d9b300af
    Paul Eggert authored
    Remove ‘const’ qualifier from locals that were newly added.
    We don’t normally bother declaring locals with ‘const’ even
    though they are not modified, for the same reason we don’t
    bother declaring them with ‘register’ even though their
    addresses are not taken; the advantage in compile-time
    checking isn’t worth the loss of readability.
    * modules/mod-test/mod-test.c (Fmod_test_non_local_exit_funcall)
    (Fmod_test_vector_fill, Fmod_test_vector_eq):
    * src/emacs-module.c (MODULE_SETJMP_1)
    (module_make_global_ref, module_free_global_ref)
    (module_non_local_exit_get, module_make_function)
    (module_extract_integer, module_extract_float)
    (module_get_user_ptr, module_set_user_ptr)
    (module_get_user_finalizer, module_set_user_finalizer)
    (module_vec_get, Fmodule_call)
    (module_non_local_exit_throw_1, lisp_to_value)
    (finalize_storage, allocate_emacs_value, mark_modules)
    (module_handle_signal, module_handle_throw)
    * src/eval.c (push_handler, push_handler_nosignal)
    * src/lread.c (suffix_p):
    Omit unnecessary ‘const’.
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