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    (next_overlay_string): Fix assert. · db600ab1
    Kim F. Storm authored
    (push_it, pop_it): Handle composition and stretch specific values.
    Only handle it->slice in image (for now).
    (back_to_previous_visible_line_start): Continue search if newline is
    part of a compisition.  Simplify.
    (reseat_1): Set it->object to buffer.
    (set_iterator_to_next): Set it->object to string or buffer, when
    setting it->method to GET_FROM_STRING or GET_FROM_BUFFER.
    (next_element_from_composition): Set it->object to buffer if not
    from string.
    (set_cursor_from_row): Only save start of string if not already
    done to handle multiple strings in a row.
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