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    Fix manual formatting errors · db671917
    Andreas Schwab authored
    * lispref/hooks.texi (Standard Hooks): Fix use of @itemx.
    * misc/ada-mode.texi: Remove braces from @title argument.
    * misc/eudc.texi: Likewise.
    * misc/smtpmail.texi: Likewise.
    * misc/auth.texi (VERSION): Set before first use.
    * misc/emacs-gnutls.texi (VERSION): Likewise.
    * misc/pgg.texi (VERSION): Likewise.
    * misc/ede.texi (Top): Rename from top, all uses changed.
    * misc/eshell.texi: Add missing argument to @sp.
    * misc/forms.texi (Top): Reorder menu to match structure.
    * misc/htmlfontify.texi (Customisation): Add missing @item in
    * misc/org.texi (Advanced features): Add missing argument for @item.
    (Property searches): Use @backslashchar{} in macro argument.
    * misc/pcl-cvs.texi: Add missing argument to @sp.
    (Movement commands): Fix use of @itemx.
    * misc/vip.texi (Misc Commands, Viewing the Buffer): Likewise.
    * misc/reftex.texi (Options (Creating Citations)): Add missing newline
    before @end.
    * misc/tramp.texi (Obtaining Tramp): Remove extra dots.
    (Configuration): Reorder menu to match structure.
    * misc/viper.texi (Marking): Add missing argument for @item.
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