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    * keymap.c (access_keymap): Add AUTOLOAD parameter. · db785038
    Stefan Monnier authored
    Do the meta->esc mapping.  Call get_keyelt before returning.
    Start scanning from the second element (the first is always `keymap')
    to make it easier to detect when we reach a parent map.
    Handle the case of inheriting from a symbol whose function is a map.
    (Fkeymap_parent): Also handle the `inherit from symbol' case.
    (fix_submap_inheritance, Fdefine_key): Update call to access_keymap.
    (get_keyelt, Flookup_key): Update call to access_keymap.
    Remove the meta->esc mappings.
    (define_as_prefix): Delete old disabled code.
    (menu_item_p): New function.
    (where_is_internal_1): Skip over the few remaining menu items.
    * lisp.h (access_keymap): Update prototype.
    * keyboard.c (read_char, menu_bar_items, tool_bar_items):
    Update call to access_keymap.
    (follow_key, read_key_sequence): Update calls to access_keymap.
    Remove the meta->esc mappings.
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