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    (tex-dvi-view-command): Use `yap' on w32. · dd166d5f
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (tex-font-lock-keywords-1): Add url and nolinkurl for args with `_'.
    (latex-block-args-alist): Add minipage and picture.
    (latex-block-body-alist): Use reftex-label if enabled.
    (latex-insert-block): Don't insert a \n if not necessary.
    (tex-compile-commands): Make sure dvips doesn't send to printer.
    (tex-compile-default): Handle the case where no executable is found.
    (latex-noindent-environments): New var.
    (latex-find-indent): Use it.  Take an empty line as an arg-breaker.
    If tex-indent-allhanging is non-nil, make sure we only align for macros
    at beginning of line.
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