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    Improve event loop on NS so that no polling is used. · ddee6515
    Jan Djärv authored
    * nsmenu.m (popupSession): Remove.
    (pop_down_menu): Remove endModalSession.
    (timeout_handler:): New method.
    (runDialogAt:): Get next timeout.  Start a NSTimer with that timeout.
    Call runModalForWindow.  Check timer_fired when it returns.
    If not set, cancel timer and break out of loop.
    Otherwise loop again, with a new timeout.
    * nsterm.h (EmacsApp): fd_handler takes id argument.
    (EmacsDialogPanel): Add timer_fired and timeout_handler.
    * nsterm.m: Include fcntl.h if present.
    (fd_entry, t_readfds, inNsSelect): Remove.
    (select_writefds, select_valid, select_timeout, selfds)
    (select_mutex, apploopnr): Add.
    (EV_TRAILER): Call kbd_buffer_store_event_hold only if q_event_ptr.
    Otherwise call kbd_buffer_store_event.
    (ns_send_appdefined): Remove release of fd_entry.
    (ns_read_socket): Always send appdefined.  Remove inNsSelect check.
    Increment and decrement apploopnr.
    (ns_select): If no file descriptors, just do a NSTimer.
    Otherwise copy read/write masks and start select thread (fd_handler).
    Start main loop and wait for application defined event.
    Inform select thread to stop selecting after main loop is exited.
    (ns_term_init): Create selfds pipe and set non-blocking.
    Initialize select_mutex. Start the select thread (fd_handler).
    (fd_handler:): Loop forever, wait for info from the main thread
    to either start or stop selecting.  When select returns, send
    and appdefined event.
    (sendScrollEventAtLoc:fromEvent:): Check if q_event_ptr is set.
    If not call kbd_buffer_store_event.
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