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    Use completion-at-point in verilog-mode · de067109
    Noam Postavsky authored
    There were some functions in verilog-mode that implemented in-buffer
    completion, but this needlessly duplicates completion-at-point
    functionality, and the popup window management had problems
    (see Bug #23842).  We need to keep them for backwards compatibility with
    older emacs versions, but use completion-at-point if available.
    * lisp/progmodes/verilog-mode.el (verilog-toggle-completions): Mark as
    obsolete if completion-cycle-threshold is available.
    (verilog-mode-map, verilog-menu): Bind completion-at-point and
    completion-help-at-point in preference to verilog-complete-word and
    verilog-show-completions, respectively.
    (verilog-mode): Add verilog-completion-at-point to
    (verilog-completion-at-point): New function.
    (verilog-show-completions, verilog-complete-word): Use it to avoid code
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