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    Copyedits and updates for Emacs manual's first few chapters. · de0bde62
    Chong Yidong authored
    * doc/emacs/basic.texi (Inserting Text): Add xref to Completion.  Add
    ucs-insert example, and document prefix argument.
    (Moving Point): Fix introduction; C-f/C-b are no longer equivalent
    to left/right.  Tweak left-char and right-char descriptions.
    M-left and M-right are now bound to left-word/right-word.
    (Erasing): Document delete-forward-char.
    * doc/emacs/commands.texi (User Input): Define "input event" more clearly.
    (Keys): Add xref to Echo Area.
    (Commands): Clarify relation between commands and functions.
    * doc/emacs/entering.texi (Entering Emacs): Define "startup screen".
    Document window-splitting behavior with command-line inputs.
    (Exiting): Remove obsolete paragraph about shells without suspend
    * doc/emacs/frames.texi (Non-Window Terminals): Index just "text-only
    terminal", which is used throughout the manual now.
    * doc/emacs/screen.texi (Screen, Menu Bar): Copyedits.
    (Point): Remove duplicate paragraph on cursors, also in Screen.
    (Mode Line): Trailing dashes no longer shown on X displays.