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    (Mail Format): Fix typo. Add index entry for mail-header-separator. · df1a3e06
    Glenn Morris authored
    (Mail Headers): Put info about initialization and changing in one place
    at the start.  Update FCC section for mbox Rmail.  Clarify From
    section, mention mail-setup-with-from.  Clarify Reply-to section.
    Add Mail-followup-to and mail-mailing-lists.  Clarify References section.
    (Mail Aliases): Update example, make less contentious.
    Update for name change of mail-interactive-insert-alias.
    (Mail Mode): Remove mention of `%' as a word separator.
    (Mail Sending): Mention mail-send-hook.  Mention Mailclient.
    (Header Editing): Add reply-to, mail-reply-to, and mail-followup-to commands.
    Clarify FCC handling.  In mail-complete, add reference to
    Mail Aliases section, and mention mail-complete-function.
    (Citing Mail): Mention mail-yank-ignored-headers and mail-citation-hook.
    (Mail Mode Misc): Clarify the mail-signature function.  Add basic
    signature netiquette.  Explain how the mail hooks work when continuing
    a composition.
    (Mail Amusements): Internationalize the spook section a bit.
    Remove the spook mail-setup-hook example, since it doesn't work well.
    Mention fortune-file.
    (Mail Methods): Mention read-mail-command.
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