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    Implement extra_keyboard_modifiers properly. · dfeccd2d
    Jim Blandy authored
    	* keyboard.c (syms_of_keyboard): Doc fix for
    	extra-keyboard-modifiers; use the same modifier bits as we do for
    	(read_char): Apply all the modifiers in extra_keyboard_modifiers
    	to the input characters, so you can get hyper, super, and the rest
    	of the gang.
    	* xterm.c (x_emacs_to_x_modifiers): New function.
    	(x_convert_modifiers): Renamed to x_x_to_emacs_modifiers, for
    	consistency.  Callers changed.
    	(XTread_socket): Apply x_emacs_to_x_modifiers to
    	extra_keyboard_modifiers before setting the state member of the
    	event; this will get all the modifiers on ASCII characters.
    	* xterm.c (x_text_icon): Don't call XSetIconName; it should be
    	unnecessary, and perhaps it's killing the icon pixmap.
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