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    Format and doc changes to bring closer to xfns.c. · dfff8a69
    Jason Rumney authored
    (VIETNAMESE_CHARSET): Define if not defined in system headers.
    (Qline_spacing, Qcenter): New variables.
    (Qw32_charset_*, w32_codepage_for_font): Moved from w32term.c.
    (x_set_line_spacing): New function.
    (x_set_frame_parameters): Use FRAME_NEW_WIDTH, FRAME_NEW_HEIGHT macros.
    (x_specified_cursor_type): New function.
    (x_set_cursor_type): Use it.
    (x_set_name, x_set_title): Use ENCODE_SYSTEM to encode titlebar and
    icon strings.
    (validate_x_resource_name, x_get_resource_string): Measure lengths
    of external strings in bytes.
    (w32_wnd_proc) [WM_MEASURE_ITEM]: Avoid calling
    GetTextExtentPoint32 with NULL title.
    (Fx_create_frame): Initialize Qline_spacing.
    (w32_load_system_font): Initialize font->double_byte_p.
    (x_to_w32_charset): Use Vw32_charset_info_alist.
    (Image, busy cursor, tooltip functions): Merged changes from
    xfns.c. Not yet functional on Windows.
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