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    * window.c (Fset_window_configuration): Removed #if 0'd code which · 2f83aebe
    Jim Blandy authored
    	assumes that minibuf_window is on the same frame as the window
    	configuration.  Removed special case for windows whose prevs
    	point to themselves.
    	* window.c (Fset_window_configuration): Rename the argument from
    	ARG to CONFIGURATION, so it matches the docstring.  The
    	make-docfile program cares.
    	* window.c [MULTI_FRAME] (syms_of_window): Don't staticpro
    	minibuf_window; the frame list will take care of it.
    	* window.c (window_loop): This used to keep track of the first
    	window processed and wait until we came back around to it.  Sadly,
    	this doesn't work if that window gets deleted.  So instead, use
    	Fprevious_window to find the last window to process, and loop
    	until we've done that one.
    	* window.c [not MULTI_FRAME] (init_window_once): Don't forget to
    	set the `mini_p' flag on the new minibuffer window to t.
    	* window.c (Fwindow_at): Don't check the type of the frame
    	* window.c [not MULTI_FRAME] (window_loop): Set frame to zero,
    	instead of trying to decode it.
    	* window.c (init_window_once): Initialize minibuf_window before
    	FRAME_ROOT_WINDOW, so the latter actually points to something.
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