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    * src/xselect.c: ICCCM-compliant handling of MULTIPLE targets. · e067f0c1
    Chong Yidong authored
    (converted_selections, conversion_fail_tag): New global variables.
    (x_selection_request_lisp_error): Free the above.
    (x_get_local_selection): Remove unnecessary code.
    (x_reply_selection_request): Args changed; handle arbitrary array
    of converted selections stored in converted_selections.  Separate
    the XChangeProperty and SelectionNotify steps.
    (x_handle_selection_request): Rewrite to handle MULTIPLE target.
    (x_convert_selection): New function.
    (x_handle_selection_event): Simplify.
    (x_get_foreign_selection): Don't ignore incoming requests while
    waiting for an answer; this will fail when we implement
    SAVE_TARGETS, and seems unnecessary anyway.
    (selection_data_to_lisp_data): Recognize ATOM_PAIR type.
    (Vx_sent_selection_functions): Doc fix.
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