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    More precise control over values of some buffer-local variables. · e0b07ec3
    Dmitry Antipov authored
    * keyboard.c (Qvertical_scroll_bar):
    * frame.c (Qleft, Qright): Move to ...
    * buffer.c (Qleft, Qright, Qvertical_scroll_bar): ... here.
    * buffer.c (Qchoice, Qrange, Qoverwrite_mode, Qfraction): New symbols.
    (syms_of_buffer): DEFSYM all of the above, attach special properties.
    Use special symbols to DEFVAR_PER_BUFFER overwrite-mode,
    vertical-scroll-bar, scroll-up-aggressively
    and scroll-down-aggressively.
    * buffer.h (Qchoice, Qrange, Qleft, Qright, Qvertical_scroll_bar):
    Add declarations.
    * nsfns.m, frame.h (Qleft, Qright):
    * nsterm.m (Qleft): Remove declarations.
    * gtkutil.c (toplevel): Include buffer.h.
    * data.c (wrong_choice, wrong_range): New functions.
    (store_symval_forwarding): Handle special properties of buffer-local
    variables and use functions from the above to signal error, if any.
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