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    * progmodes/sql.el Version 3.2 · e18e61cf
    Michael Mauger authored
    Please note that my address changed to <michael@mauger.com>; the
    <mmaug@yahoo.com> address remains active.
    (sql-connection-alist): Updates documentation to fix bug#13715.
    (sql-connect): Handle missing `sql-connection-alist' correctly.
    (sql-mode-oracle-font-lock-keywords): Add missing keywords.
    (sql-magic-go, sql-magic-semicolon): Mark with `delete-selection'
    (sql-default-value): New function.
    (sql-get-login-ext, sql-get-login): Fixes bug where buffer-local
    values were not used.
    (sql-rename-buffer): Make sure alternate buffer name has no text
    (sql-input-sender, sql-execute-feature): Fetch variable with
    `buffer-local-value' rather than `with-current-buffer'.
    (sql-*): Use #' function syntax consistently.
    (sql-*): Use message/error/user-error consistently.
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