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    Updates to Mark chapter in Emacs manual. · e1a3f5b1
    Chong Yidong authored
    * mark.texi (Mark): Clarify description of disabled Transient Mark
    (Setting Mark): Document prefix arg for C-x C-x.  Document primary
    selection changes.  Mention that commands like C-y set the mark.
    (Marking Objects): Add xref to Words node.  Note that mark-word
    and mark-sexp also have the "extend region" behavior.
    (Using Region): Mention M-$ in the table.  Document
    mark-even-if-inactive here instead of in Mark Ring.
    (Mark Ring): Move mark-even-if-inactive to Using Region.  Take
    note of the "Mark Set" behavior.
    (Disabled Transient Mark): Rename from "Persistent Mark"
    (Bug#9688).  Callers changed.
    * programs.texi (Expressions):
    * text.texi (Words): Defer to Marking Objects for mark-word doc.
    Fixes: debbugs:9689
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