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    Pacify --enable-gcc-warnings when HYBRID_MALLOC · e1a9f209
    Paul Eggert authored
    * src/buffer.c (init_buffer):
    * src/emacs.c (main):
    * src/xsmfns.c (smc_save_yourself_CB, x_session_initialize):
    Use emacs_get_current_dir_name, not get_current_dir_name.
    * src/conf_post.h (aligned_alloc) [HYBRID_MALLOC && emacs]: New macro.
    (HYBRID_GET_CURRENT_DIR_NAME, get_current_dir_name): Remove.
    * src/emacs.c: Include "sheap.h".
    (report_sheap_usage): Remove decl.
    (Fdump_emacs) [HYBRID_MALLOC]: Report usage directly.
    Don't assume ptrdiff_t can be printed as int.
    * src/gmalloc.c [HYBRID_MALLOC]:
    Include "sheap.h" rather than declaring its contents by hand.
    (get_current_dir_name, gget_current_dir_name)
    (hybrid_get_current_dir_name): Remove.
    (emacs_abort): Remove duplicate decl.
    (aligned_alloc): Undef, like malloc etc.
    (ALLOCATED_BEFORE_DUMPING): Now a static function, not a macro.
    Make it a bit more efficient.
    (malloc_find_object_address): Remove unused decl.
    (enum mcheck_status, mcheck, mprobe, mtrace, muntrace, struct mstats)
    (mstats, memory_warnings): Declare only if GC_MCHECK.
    * src/lisp.h (emacs_get_current_dir_name):
    New decl, replacing get_current_dir_name.
    * src/sheap.c: Include sheap.h first.
    (STATIC_HEAP_SIZE): Remove; now in sheap.h.
    (debug_sheap): Now static.
    (bss_sbrk_buffer_end): Remove; no longer used.
    (bss_sbrk_ptr): Now static and private.
    (bss_sbrk_did_unexec): Now bool.
    (BLOCKSIZE): Remove, to avoid GCC warning about its not being used.
    (bss_sbrk): Don't treat request_size 0 as special, since the code
    works without this being a special case.
    Avoid overflow if request size exceeds INT_MAX.
    (report_sheap_usage): Remove; now done in emacs.c.
    * src/sheap.h: New file.
    * src/sysdep.c (get_current_dir_name): Remove macro.
    Include "sheap.h".
    (emacs_get_current_dir_name): Rename function from
    get_current_dir_name.  Handle HYBRID_MALLOC here;
    this is simpler.
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