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    (read_escape): `\ ' stands for nothing at all. · e28552a4
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (oblookup): Take args SIZE and SIZE_BYTE.  Callers changed.
    (init_obarray, read1, make_symbol):
    Pass new arg to make_pure_string.
    (Fintern, oblookup, Fintern_soft, intern): Handle size_byte.
    (dir_warning): Pass new arg to message_dolog.
    (read1): PCH is now int *.
    Declare ch as int.
    (read0): Declare c as int.
    (read_list): Declare ch as int.
    (read0): Use Fmake_string not make_string.
    (read1): When reading a string, maybe use make_unibyte_string.
    (Fread_from_string): Convert string indices to/from bytes.
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