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    Added ispell-offset for version consistency. · e29702dd
    Karl Heuer authored
    (ispell-dictionary-alist): updated dictionaries & better match defaults
    (ispell-alternate-dictionary): added /usr/shar path
    (ispell-menu-map-needed): redo changes that made this incompatible
    with earlier versions of emacs19.
    (ispell-required-version): changed to assure version 3.1.12 accessed.
    (ispell-word): Correctly accept buffer-local information.
    Does not try to modify read-only buffer on 'm' command.
    (ispell-command-loop): fixed bug that corrupted buffers.
    removed scrolling when *Choices* buffer shrinks.
    (check-ispell-version): Correctly identifies new version requirements.
    (ispell-region): Interaction updated for version 3.1.12+
    Buffer read-only modification improvement.  Dictionary messages added.
    (ispell-message-text-end): skips additional shell files.
    (ispell-buffer-local-parsing): extended-char mode now matches text mode
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